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Complete cloud-based business telephony

Gain global presence with local, international, and Toll-Free Phone numbers in 8,000+ cities worldwide. Stay available in the new normal, without costly investments in equipment and servers.

Gain global presence with local, international, and Toll-Free Phone numbers in 8,000+ cities worldwide. Stay available in the new normal, without costly investments in equipment and servers.


Expand your business globally: Virfon enables instant access to local, international, and toll-free phone numbers in 8,000+ cities worldwide. Operate like a large corporation, streamline with a single provider, and devote your efforts to business growth.

Connect your customers and employees no matter where they are in the world, while keeping your current phone number or getting a new one.


The VIRFON solution:

Virfon provides you with a cloud-based phone system, enabling you to connect your employees and customers and have a global presence in more than 8,000 cities worldwide. Act globally but with the simplicity and ease of a local system.

The VIRFON solution:


1. Free Trial.
2. No commitments. No strings attached.
3. 100% money-back guarantee
4. Save up to 50% in your communications costs.
5. Local, international, and toll-free phone numbers from more than 8,000 cities worldwide
6. Unlimited inbound and outbound calls (excludes inbound Toll-free) within the United States, Canada, and Colombia
7. Click-to-call widget for your website
8. Call recording* (additional paid feature)
9. Voicemail to email, ringing groups, call queues, caller ID
10. High-quality corporate presence for your company.
Welcome message in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, personalized by a professional voice
Handling of business hours
Intelligent handling of inbound calls according to your business rules.
11. Your phone is never busy. Team members can make and receive calls using the same phone number at the same time.
12. Free number portability. Bring your phone number to Virfon for free (see coverage)
13. Separate your personal and business life, not only for you but for all your employees.
14. Create departments and organize your operation with your own call flow.
15. Permanent connection with your customers, suppliers, government entities, and consultants in more than 8,000 cities worldwide. Localized communication with intelligent features to respond in each location’s local language.
16. BYOD. You can use your current IP phones.
17. Permanent connection with your entire work team, i.e., employees, contractors, advisors, and executives, no matter where they reside or travel in the world, carrying their business communications on their smartphones.
18. Virfon Business Phone System allows you to distribute business functions independently of geographical location, optimizing your workforce and making the most of skills and availability as best suits your business
19. Teamwork support: Unlimited audio conferences, without paying for an assistant or per minute, as many times as you require.
20. Collaborative work and video conferencing platform.
21. Grow easily and organized. Benefit from a centralized communication system with zero capital costs (CAPEX). Scale your phone system to fit changing business needs.


Technology used:

Our world-class platform features a real-time OSS/BSS integrated with a Class 5 softswitch.

24/7/365 monitoring ensures your service is always accessible, available, and of the quality you deserve.

We have SIP trunking agreements with corporate-grade quality in more than 8,000 cities worldwide.

Our 99.999% uptime guarantees that your business is always up and running. With 20 years of experience in more than 50 countries, we support companies of all sizes with a global vocation.

Our VoIP network is based on SIP and RTP protocols, RTCP, SDP, IAX, RADIUS, and compression codecs for voice digitization with high quality (G.722, G.729, G.711 u-law/a-law, and OPUS).

We take security very seriously. That’s why our firewalls blocks unauthorized access. We also provide unwanted callers number blocking according to your choice, device blocking, unauthorized and expensive destinations blocking, fraud detection suite, PIN authorization for expensive destination calls, among others.

Experience our multichannel customer service through email, phone, chat, and customer portal. Our dedicated agents are available around the clock to address your concerns in your preferred language.

Easy to scale. Our platform allows you to add new employees to your phone system or new phone numbers from more than 8,000 cities worldwide in just minutes.

Unleash your global potential. Your customers, business partners, or team members can be anywhere in the world, ensuring seamless operations and projecting a professional corporate image.

Technology used

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