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Exceed customer expectations and accelerate sales growth.

Connect customers and agents from anywhere, delivering superior service without capital expenditure (CAPEX).

Connect customers and agents from anywhere, delivering superior service without capital expenditure (CAPEX).

Contact Center software that connects customers and businesses using existing or new phone lines.
Customer segmentation, inbound and outbound campaigns.
Empower your company with control and flexibility. Agents and campaigns performance in Real-Time
Leverage Call Recording for quick adjustments, coaching and continuous customer service Improvement.
100% Cloud-Based Solution: No Investment in hardware or licensing required.
Always by your side. Experience exceptional customer service in your preferred language, delivered with empathy and expertise.



Empower your agents with our Contact Center software, boost productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth.

Serve your customers globally with a unified solution. Virfon enables you to obtain local and international phone numbers in 8,000+ cities within minutes. Your agents can operate from anywhere in the world, providing multilingual support. Streamline your operations with a single provider, enabling you to focus on business growth.


The VIRFON solution:

100% Cloud-Based solution to serve your customers anywhere, anytime. Regardless of your customers or agents location, our solution empowers Seamless communication and support.

The VIRFON solution


1. Free trial.
2. Cancel anytime.
3. 100% money-back guarantee.
4. Save up to 50% in you Contact Centers cost.
5. Phone numbers and toll-free in more than 8,000 cities worldwide.
6. Unlimited incoming calls from more than 8,000 cities worldwide (excluding toll-free).
7. Unlimited outbound calls within the United States, Canada, and Colombia.
8. Unlimited inbound and outbound campaigns.
9. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Route calls to the right agent or department every time.
10. ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) directs calls to agents based on IVR decisions, operating hours, and agent capabilities to provide a unique experience to each customer.
11. Ring Groups. Calls ring on multiple agents according to their need so you never miss a call.
12. Predictive and Progressive Dialer.
13. Static and real-time metrics.
14. Real-time call monitoring.
15. Call recording.
16. Click-to-call button for your website integrated with your Contact Center.
17. Voicemail to email, Ring groups, Call queues, and caller ID.
18. No commitments. No strings attached.
19. Your phone lines are never busy. Your agents can make and receive calls using the same phone number at the same time.
20. Portability. Bring your phone number to Virfon for free. (Available in certain countries)
21. BYOD. You can use your current IP phones.
22. Optimize your workforce and maximize efficiency by distributing calls from each campaign independently regardless of your agents or customers location.
23. Grow easily and organized. Benefit from a centralized communication system with zero capital costs (CAPEX). Scale your Contact Center to fit changing business needs.


Statistics Reports:

Break report

Call detail

Calls per hour

Calls per agent

Agent Pause Report

Login and Logout time of agents.

Successful incoming calls

Agents real-time monitoring.

Campaigns real-time monitoring.

Statistics Reports

Real-time Reports:

Agent monitoring

Incoming call monitoring.

Campaign monitoring.

Agent occupation panel.

Call waiting panel.

Real-time Reports

Technology used:

World-class platform with real-time OSS / BSS, integrated with a Class 5 soft switch.

24/7/365 monitoring ensures your service is always accessible, available, and of the quality you deserve.

We have SIP trunking service agreements of corporate quality in more than 8,000 cities worldwide.

Our 99.999% uptime guarantees that your business is always up and running. With 20 years of experience in more than 50 countries, we support companies of all sizes with a global vocation.

Our VoIP network is based on SIP and RTP protocols, RTCP, SDP, IAX, RADIUS, and compression codecs for voice digitization with high quality (G.722, G.729, G.711 u-law/a-law, and OPUS).

We take security very seriously. That’s why our firewalls blocks unauthorized access. We also provide unwanted callers number blocking according to your choice, device blocking, unauthorized and expensive destinations blocking, fraud detection suite, PIN authorization for expensive destination calls, among others.

Experience our multichannel customer service through email, phone, chat, and customer portal. Our dedicated agents are available around the clock to address your concerns in your preferred language.

Easy to scale. Our platform allows you to add new agents to your Contact Center or new telephone numbers from more than 8,000 cities worldwide in just minutes.

Unleash your global potential. Your customers, business partners, or team members can be anywhere in the world, ensuring seamless operations and projecting a professional corporate image.

Daily backup to ensure high availability.

Technology used

All our functions:

Predictive dialer.
IVR – Interactive Voice Response
ACD (Automatic call distribution)
Reports and statistics
Call recording access via web interface
Web administration
Multiple interface languages
Support for Do-Not-Call List
Silent monitoring
Outbound and inbound campaigns
Real-time and historical monitoring
Campaign-specific groups
Call queue management
Campaign forms (Web Wizard)
Associate text scripts with campaigns
Agent console
Support for various types of breaks
Call scoring
CRM integration


Generates calls from a phone list loaded into the system.
Calls are assigned to agents to interact with clients.
Predictive dialer generates calls for maximum efficiency.
The operator receives user information and enters it into the database through forms.
The information can be exported to spreadsheets.


Contact center receives calls and assigns them to agents through queues.
A base of phone numbers and clients can be fed to identify who is generating the call and provide better customer service.


BREAK REPORT: Detailed report of breaks taken by each agent.
CALL DETAIL RECORD (CDR): Detailed report of calls.
CALLS BY AGENT: Calls reports by agent, campaign, queue wait time, and option to listen to call recordings.
HOLD TIME: Wait time in seconds per campaign.
SESSION TIME: Detailed report of session time for each agent.
SUCCES OF INBOUND CALLS: Number of successful and abandoned calls per campaign.
CALLS PER HOUR: Number of calls per hour in each campaign.
AGENT MONITORING: Number of calls handled by agent, campaign, and duration.


AGENT MONITORING: Real-time status of agents.
INBOUND CALL MONITORING: Details of inbound calls by campaign.
INBOUND CAMPAIGN MONITORING: Monitoring of inbound call results by campaign.
CAMPAIGN MONITORING: Real-time monitoring by campaign.

The following details are displayed:
Start and end date and time of the campaign.
Number of the queue associated with the campaign.
Number of answered calls.
Duration and average Longest call.
List of agents and their status.
Inbound and outbound calls.

All our functions


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